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Studio 33 Art Camps are designed to give aspiring young artists a chance to learn the basics of classical drawing and painting. Landscape painting classes will use use outdoor Plein-air style techniques to help train the eye to see color and value to create form in the Impressionist tradition. Instructor Tom Fridrich has 30 + years in the art and music business as a musician and working artist. His studies included training at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA under the tutelage of American Impressionist Henry Hensche and Annapolis artist John Ebersberger as well as American portraitists Cedric and Joanette Egeli. Students will receive a materials list prior to class to include oil paints and materials. All painting classes will use oil paints. Drawing classes will use charcoal. Please visit the class details page for more info and a required materials list.   


Summer 2015 Art Camps



June 22-26 (Landscape drawing & painting)

July  20-24 (Portrait drawing)

July 27-31 (Portrait drawing)

August 11-15 (Landscape drawing & painting)




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For Studio 33 Art Classes please go to the  MUSIC  page

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