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Studio 33 also offers classes in drawing and painting for both children and adults in either individual and group settings. Thomas Fridrich is an accomplished realist painter in the Impressionist tradition.
Please see the Artwork page for more information.

 Studio 33 offers individual instruction in drumming and percussion focusing on rudimental and kit performance. We also teach guitar for the beginner with the basics of music theory and performance. In all cases the skills of listening, tuning, tempo, theory and rhythm are central to weekly 30 or 60 minute classes.  Week long summer camps for 8-16 year olds bring together kids with little to no experience playing in a group setting and proceed to choose and learn 2-3 basic rock songs; help design a band logo, concert poster and CD cover; record a CD; practice stage movements and costuming and perform at a final mini concert for family and friends.

Please see the About/Contact page for individual instruction information

(Information on summer Rock Band Camps available soon) 

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