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Studio 33 Recording Services



Studio 33 offers full fledged digital recording services using Cubase 7 with Apogee and Steinberg converters, Vintech preamps, high quality microphones and a variety of outboard and VST based plugins for tracking, mixing and mastering. We strive to offer very competitive rates for those with demo and full CD production needs. In addition we offer full artwork design services including CD cover and disc design as well as marketing artwork (concert, tour posters, etc.)  


Please call for rates.


Cubase 7

Windows 7 64 Bit



Dell XPS (8 gig RAM)

Apogee Rosetta 800 Converter

Steinberg UR 824 8 Channel Mic Preamp/Converter

Vintech Dual 72 Mic Preamp (2)

ART DI/O 2 Channel Mic Preamp

Presonus Blue Tube 2 Channel Mic Preamp

Dbx 166 2 Channel Compressor

Yamaha SPX90 II Reverb

Yamaha Q2031 2 channel 31 Band Graphic EQ (2)

Presonus Central Station

Dbx PB48 48 Point Patch Bay

Neutrix NYS-SPP-L1 48 Point Patch Bay

TEAC 80-8    8 Track w/dbx Noise Reduction



Neumann, Cascade, Soundelux, Rode, Shure, AKG,

Sennheiser, EV

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