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Art Class Details

Drawing classes are taught with traditional, classical techniques using charcoal and paper. Painting classes are taught with oil paints and boards and are designed to help the student develop their vision to see color to define form in the Impressionist tradition (Tom Fridrich is an Impressionist painter). For the purposes of teaching young artists we try to impart this tradition in a fun but informative way. Giving an introduction to the basics of realistic drawing through shading, line and perspective and the basics of seeing color to define form for landscape and still life painting is the primary goal of these classes. Drawing classes will focus on simple shapes to start the week and apply those concepts to either landscape or portraits, depending on the class. Painting classes will begin as well with painting simple objects outdoors in sunlight using oil paints and palette knives rather than brushes. The use of palette knives helps students to keep clean and bold colors which aids in their ability to learn to see color more accurately. As the week progresses we make use of the surrounding landscape ( we live in a horse and pasture community) to both draw and paint.

Materials Lists

Both types of classes require that the students purchase or bring a set of basic materials for use during the week. In order to keep the cost as low as possible (artist materials are not cheap!) we will use a limited palette of colors and will supply certain common items such as drawing boards. This way the student who is just starting can experience the class without first making a major monetary commitment. 


Drawing classes will use vine charcoal, Strathmore drawing pads and kneaded erasers.

Painting classes will use water soluable oil paints, palette knives, masonite boards and basic easels.


Please see the required materials list here.

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