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Rock Band Class Details

*   On the first day we get the students together and decide what songs they'll play and who will play what. We ask that they be flexible in what instrument they'll play so we can have a well rounded group with at least a bass player, guitar player, drummer and singer. 


*   During the course of the sessions the students pick a band name, help design a logo that we can use on a CD and poster and then help design the poster.


*   We concentrate on only 2-3 songs with a performance for family and friends at the end of the week. Performances will take place at the studio in Harwood.


*   We work a lot on cooperation and listening skills that are essential to creating a fun and rewarding band experience. Students will learn about rhythm, tempo, tuning and dynamics - things that are not specific to any one instrument but will give them the ability to perform as a cohesive unit. We do not focus on the mastery of any particular instrument (which is why it works for all levels of previous experience) but on the collective performance.


*   We keep it simple by breaking down the songs the students choose to a level that everyone can work with. Someone who has never played guitar, for instance, can learn how to play a particular set of notes on just a few strings and make it fit in to the song where its a real contribution to the whole. Students who are more proficient will be challenged with more difficult parts. No one is left out.


*   We record a CD for each student to take as a souvenir of their performance. This may be either something we work on during the sessions or a recording of the actual performance itself. Sometimes both! It's actually very valuable to have them hear what they sound like during their rehearsals.


*   We discuss how to act as a group on stage, what to wear, etc. We practice getting on and off the stage and how to best start and stop a song. We take band photos and go over everything that helps them perform with confidence.  


*   Finally we design and print an 11" X 17" concert poster for each student as an additional souvenir of their time together and record a CD for their personal use. Recording during the classtime is part of the experience!

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